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Access coaching, courses and training to INCREASE your INFLUENCE, your OPPORTUNITY and your IMPACT...oh, and also gets you PAID!



You've seen that person on stage, on camera or up front sharing their story. 


Why aren't you sharing your story more? Why aren't you telling people about your amazing journey?


Instead, you're worried about messing up, probably obsessing a bit about your voice or a particular facial feature.

You know you have the ability to transform lives with your voice but you're nervous...the inner impostor is telling you no one will take you seriously.
Maybe you're a bit like me and had the wind taken out of your sails early in life and just never quite "found your voice" again.
But, it's so tiring for you to fight the internal battle with your story...KNOWING you can make a difference. Right?

Well, you don't have to fight that fight alone.

In fact, it's time your story was heard! Your story is just the tool someone else needs to transform and move to their next level.



The Storytellers VIP Insiders Club

The Storytellers VIP Insiders Club is your community to help you launch the story that will IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INSPIRE.
When you join the VIP, you will learn the techniques and the technologies of storytelling.

Why Should You Join?

You know you're supposed to do something greater with your story but you're not sure where to start.

Maybe you've booked a few gigs or even written a book, but you still feel like you're spinning your wheels.

And now, you feel like if you just had the right mentor, the right community and the right steps, you could make a BIG difference in the world with your voice.

Let me help you OPEN THE DOOR!!

The Storytellers Growth Lab VIP Insiders Club is open for enrollment.  Count this as your level-up community.

I remember struggling as an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, trying to figure it all out on my own before hiring my first business coach.  (Shout out to Coach George).  My coach wasn't cheap but he was what I needed to transform my mindset and help me to unleash the dream inside. 

You don't have to struggle like I did or even pay $18k like I did.  I'm inviting you to join this community. Start today and make this your MOST AMAZING YEAR!

Hey there, I'm Robert Kennedy III aka RK3

I'm a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, author, presentation coach and even worked as a news anchor.

I could go over my whole history with you.  In addition to what I mentioned above, I was a teacher; I sang in a group, wrote songs and recorded an album; worked as a voiceover talent; had a stint as a real estate agent.  Yeah, I've done quite a few things and know what it's like to be unclear.  

I also know what it's like when the light bulb goes off and you're ready to tell everyone you know.  That's why I'm so committed to helping others discover their stories and deliver them with confidence.

Kelly Leonard, CEO & Small Business Host

I’ve had the pleasure of scheduling speakers for 6+ years. Robert’s presentation is among the few that attendees continuously rave about. His high energy delivery plus practical, real world examples left our audience with meaningful and useful content. In fact, I’m clear our audience is headed for amazing results based on this session.


Jon Weinstein, Executive Director

We had a variety of leaders and presenters in our session with Robert. Some had a lot of presenting and speaking experience and some had very little. All of us came away with new knowledge and improved skills. This training session exceeded our expectations and we would definitely do it again! 

Melodi McNeil, Director for Policy

I had a phenomenal experience! This exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Robert not only provided feedback on speech mechanics but how to improve the structure and delivery of my presentation, no mean feat given that I work in a very technical industry outside his field of expertise. My decision to hire him was one of my best in 2020!


Learn how to take your storytelling to the next level. Whether you're an aspiring speaker, entrepreneur, coach, or small business owner, storytelling is the one skill that will not only help you build your business, but will also increase your IMPACT and your INFLUENCE!

Membership Includes:


  • Monthly 90 min. LIVE Coaching calls
  • Access to more than $5000 worth of courses to help you build your speaking, your storytelling & your leadership,
  • Access to our resource library of templates, contracts, emails and forms used in personal growth and business growth
  • Access to Guest Expert training in areas like:
  • How to be your best PR
  • Planning your first event
  • Getting on a TEDx stage
  • Writing your book with ease
  • And MORE...
  • Discounts and early access to new, upcoming courses, including: Speaking on Camera with Confidence, Presentations That POP, How To Start A Podcast


ALL of this for less than $1.50 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. You can go month to month if you want. You'll miss some goody good goodness as I will be constantly sharing new story content. But, I won't hold you hostage ;).

A: You will get immediate access to video resources from our video storytelling challenge, our blogging startup course, monthly group coaching sessions, monthly masterclass trainings with our guest experts, first access to new content and much more. ..EASILY worth much more than $30/month

A: Let's talk about it. I absolutely love working with people like you and my biggest desire is that you tell your story with confidence. I do have coaching programs and special coaching sessions available outside of the community. Let's chat about what you need.

A: I am currently not offering any done for your services but I do offer VIP days where I literally walk through the process of creating your story, recording it, uploading it and getting visibility for it if that's what you need

A: Well, this community really caters to individuals. But, I do offer company training through my company, Kennetik Kommunications. Have your organization contact us there to talk about company workshops and training.



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